Getting to & from Vieques Island

Whether your destination is out on the town or out of the way beaches, our Cars, Jeeps, Golf Carts and SUVs will take you everywhere you want to go – in style!

Make what you drive a bigger part of your vacation with Vieques Car Rental.

More about Vieques Island, Puerto Rico.

About Planning your trip

  • There is no good reason to get here any earlier than 1pm on your first day. Your car will not be ready until 1pm and your lodging will not let you in until late afternoon. So don’t jump out of bed and push to get here…just relax.
  • The ferry can be challenging. If at all possible, fly. I know there is a big price difference but trust me, you get what you pay for. Also, ferries are departing from Cieba now, and they sometimes run late, so it’s a bit unpredictable.

About Renting a Car in Vieques

  • Damage to the vehicle is the responsibility of the renter regardless of fault just like if it is your own car. Some credit cards offer renters insurance as one of the benefits. But is also wise to check with your insurance carrier to see if you are covered in a Puerto Rico rental car.
  • When you check in, we will run an authorization for the rental amount, including Loss Damage Waiver (if elected) and any other applicable charges. We will close the sale and charge your card when you check out.
  • In the case of a golf cart, we will run authorization for the $500 damage deposit (we don’t accept cash deposits). When you return the cart with no damages, the deposit will be refunded, and we will close the sale and charge your card when you check out.
  • Debit Cards are accepted, however, even those with the Visa and Mastercard logos do not provide coverage for damages to vehicles rentals. Therefore, You will be charged a deposit of $500. You may also elect to take our Loss Damage Waiver coverage at this time. When you return the vehicle with no damage, your deposit will be refunded.
  • Protect your key fob! If lost, the car must be taken to the main island so the fees to you are large.
  • There is no AAA on Vieques. We will do our best to provide roadside assistance in the event of trouble. After hours assistance is for EMERGENCIES only.
  • Not paying a ticket or parking fine will catch up with you. We still have your card information and will charge as allowed by the contract you signed.


• Always wear your seatbelt – it’s the law

• Speed limit is 35 mph on the main roads

• Speed limit is 10-15mph on town and beach roads


• Yellow and blue curbs are NO PARKING ZONES

• Always stop at every intersection, many do not have signs

• If you are involved in an accident, call the police (787) 741-2020, get a report and then notify us

Please, do not drink and drive

  • Drive defensively – watch for pedestrians and animals in the road.
  • Do not run out of gas – our Jeeps are delivered with a full tank of premium gas, you should refill at 1/2 tank because occasionally the stations sometimes run out of gas. There is a charge of $10/gallon for vehicles returned with less than a full tank.
  • No smoking in the Jeep.
  • Do not sit in the Jeep with wet clothing
  • Stay on regularly maintained roads – even a 4×4 can get stuck!
  • DO NOT drive on beaches.
  • Some puddles are sink holes.
  • Report mechanical problems or funny noises right away. With any luck, the problem should only require a simple fix – perhaps something like replacing cummins solenoids if there’s a problem with the starter motor or fuel valves.
  • Flat tires happen. Each Jeep has a full-sized spare, and jack for you to use in the event of a flat tire.
  • Do not put kayaks or bicycles in or on the Jeep.
  • Please don’t lose your key. Hiding it in the sand or swimming with it is not a good idea. There is a charge for lost keys and lockouts.
  • DO NOT LOCK YOUR CAR AT THE BEACH – leave a window open, and do not leave valuables in the car or unattended at the beach.
  • DO LOCK YOUR CAR – in town, at restaurants, at your lodging.
  • Respect the locals. Ask us if we speak English first. Most of us do and will if you are polite.
  • Never throw trash in the water and avoid bringing glass to the beach.
  • Respect the environment, DO NOT LITTER.

From San Juan, Vieques is a scenic half-hour plane ride.

Please call each company to confirm their current rates and schedules.

The fares from Isla Grande are substantially lower than the international airport. It is a 20 minute/$20 cab ride from SJU.

Vieques Air Link

(888) 901-9247
(787) 741-8211 / 8331 / 3266 / 5861

International (SJU) to Vieques

12:45pm1:15pm7027 days
2:45pm3:15pm7067 days
5:30pm6:30pm7107 days

Isla Grande (SIG, Miramar – near Old San Juan) to Vieques

9:45am10:15am806Sun only
5:00pm5:30pm8147 days

Vieques to International (SJU)

9:30am10:00am7017 days
1:30pm2:00pm7057 days
4:40pm5:10pm7097 days

Cape Air

(800) 352-0714

San Juan to Vieques:

7:00 AM7:22 AM12817 days
8:50 AM9:12 AM12837 days
11:00 AM11:22 AM12857 days
1:00 PM1:22 PM12877 days
2:45 PM3:07PM12897 days
4:45 PM5:07 PM12917 days
6:45 PM7:07 PM12936 Days

Vieques to San Juan:

7:50 AM8:12 AM12827 days
9:45 AM10:07 AM12847 days
11:50 AM12:12 PM12867 days
1:45 PM2:07 PM12887 days
3:45 PM4:07 PM12907 days
5:30 PM5:52 PM12927 days
7:40 PM8:02 PM12947 days

Isla Nena Air Service

(888) 263-6213
(866) 417-0521
(787) 741-1577

Air Sunshine

(888) 879-8900


Standard Schedule – The ferry from Ceiba to Vieques is about an hour long.

There are passenger-only ferries, and passenger-cargo ferries. The schedule is subject to change, info below is the “standard” schedule.

Link to their website:

Ceiba to Vieques

  • 4:00am Cargo & Passengers
  • 6:30am Passengers
  • 9:00am Cargo & Passengers
  • 11:00am Passengers
  • 1:00pm Cargo & Passengers
  • 3:00pm Passengers
  • 4:45pm Cargo & Passengers
  • 8:15pm Cargo & Passengers

Vieques to Ceiba

  • 6:00am Cargo & Passengers
  • 9:00am Passengers
  • 11:00am Cargo & Passengers
  • 1:00pm Passengers
  • 3:00pm Cargo & Passengers
  • 5:00pm Passengers
  • 6:30pm Cargo & Passengers

Getting to your destination on Vieques-
Publico Service is available at the ferry or the airport.

Vieques Taxis


The trip from the international airport to the ferry terminal in Ceiba is about one and a half hours. You can reserve a publico (taxi van) or rent a one-way car to Ceiba. If your schedule allows, you can take a side trip to Old San Juan, Luquillo beach, or the rain forest along the way

San Juan Hotels

If you should arrive in Puerto Rico too late to make the connection to Vieques, or need to stay over for an early departure, the following hotels are conveniently located in San Juan and are relatively inexpensive.

Canario Hotels
(800) 533-2649
(787) 722-3861

Rooms are about $80 per night.

The Caleta Guesthouse
(787) 725-5347 office
(787) 759-1255 beeper unit # 482-7204

Beautiful location on San Juan Bay, right across the street from the mayor’s mansion.

Olimpio Court Hotel
603 Miramar Ave
Isla Grande 787-724-0600
Close to both airports, Old San Juan and Condado. Not too fancy and only runs $79 a night.

Robin’s Cabins (El Junque rainforest)
Naguabo, about an hour and a half drive from San Juan. $35 per nite
(787) 874-2138

Casa Cubuy Eco Lodge (El Junque rainforest)
Rio Blanco, about $85 per night.
(787) 874-6221

Other Hotels

Ceiba Inn787-885-0471

Click here for more information on hotels on the main island of Puerto Rico