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Vieques Golf Cart - Vieques Car Jeep and Golf Cart Rental

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Vieques Golf Cart

Car Features

  • Eco-friendly
  • Gas Vehicle
  • Lifted Suspension
  • Off-road Tires
  • Up to 4 Passengers

EZ-GO 2+2

The best golf cart rentals on Vieques Island!

New to Vieques! Fun, eco friendly and inexpensive. These road legal, off road carts are the rage on Culebra and no wonder. Fast, 18 mph, frugal, up to 40 mpg, great ground clearance and grippy off road tires.
Seating for 4, with two facing rearward and a fold down cargo platform. Perfect for getting to the beaches, down our notoriously narrow streets and easy parking. All DOT lighting and even cup holders!

Make what you drive a bigger part of your vacation!

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